Fashionable Face Cover

My mom started sewing bunch of these after learning that a lot of people are hoarding everything they find in store leaving nothing behind to the ones who really needs them like the cancer patients. They came out cute with the fabric prints she used. Read the descriptions below.

👉Please know that this does not provide the protection against the virus, and so is the disposable surgical mask. This is more of preventing you from touching your face especially your mouth and nose. Also a good protection from unnecessary particles like dust and pollen entering your mouth and nose.

🌈 8”x 6” across the face

🌈These are made of fabric with 2 sides

🌈 Elastics to attach to ears

🌈 Covers mostly half of the face

🌈 Ideal for preventing you, especially kids from touching their nose and mouth

🌈 Perfect for pet groomers, nail techs, dental hygienist, etc.,

🌈 Limited quantities available per color and design

🌈 Care Instruction: Wash before use with mild detergent and dry. Wash face mask everyday after use.

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