These personalized Easter treat sacks are an adorable way for little ones to collect Easter fun during the various Easter events attended. The sack is featured with long ears and I personalized this by putting child's name on one ear and putting your preferred image, phrase, year on the other side.

 They are also a sweet way to hand out treats to little ones. 6x4-in. Easter bags hold candy, cookies, or other loot, and are perfect for giving away prizes and treats at egg hunts and other Easter parties.






=S P E C I F I C A T I O N S =



  • It is only available in one color: Beige. Ears are plaid rainbow colors.


  • 4" x 6"


= P E R S O N A L I Z E D =

  • Each Long Ears will be personalized with name and/or year(if preferred) or however you want it and that will be on the other ear.  Please indicate that under "custom" field.
  • Letters/Images will be in black unless you prefer specific color, please indicate that under "custom" field.
  • I will be using one font for girls and one for boys. If you prefer other font, please indicate under "custom" field.
  • Do Not Forget to leave the name you want to go on your bunny. You can do that under "custom" field.
  • Message me for any questions or concerns you may have.


** Please ignore the color options below. We only have one color available on this specific item.**


Please look around the store for other items we have available.



Personalized Easter Treat Sack, Long Ears Bunny Treat Sack, Easter bags

Personalized Easter Treat Sack, Long Ears Bunny Treat Sack, Easter bags